AI Powered Security Automation
Senserva ensures companies are properly using the right security products for their security and compliance needs. Senserva intelligent security automation solutions combine security data with AI-powered automation to find, analyze, and manage critical security configuration information across the enterprise while enhancing product efficiency and effectiveness. Learn More
Security Management Driven by the Right Data, at the Right Time
Data-Driven Decision Making
Having the right data at the right time is crucial. Senserva continuously collects all necessary data, even the most hard-to-obtain, and stores it in an easily accessible format for use by our tools and other products, enabling informed decision-making. Learn More
Generative AI Integration
Senserva leverages Generative AI to go beyond traditional analytics, providing new insights, patterns, and recommendations based on existing data. This empowers customers with actionable insights to proactively address security threats. Learn More
Senserva Builds with Partners
Senserva has been instrumental in co-creating cutting-edge security solutions ..." - Wade Dauphinee, Senior Vice President of Bulletproof’s Managed Security Services
Senserva supports a full security model through its work with partners. Senserva believes modern security managment is complex for both end-users and vendors, by working together we can solve the security management challenges together. Learn More
User-Friendly Approach
Security should be accessible to everyone. Senserva bridges the gap between technical complexity and user-friendliness, making security management approachable and effective for organizations of all sizes.
Senserva Quotes


"Our partnership with Senserva has been instrumental in co-creating cutting-edge security solutions, harnessing the power of Microsoft technologies. This dynamic synergy not only enhances our capabilities but also guarantees our customers receive tailored, forward-thinking security solutions that seamlessly adapt to their ever-evolving needs."

Wade Dauphinee, Senior Vice President of Bulletproof’s Managed Security Services Division


"Members of MISA, like Senserva, offer solutions that extend Microsoft security to quickly identify and remediate security incidents before they cause business impact, said Eric Burkholder, PM, Technology Partnerships, Azure Sentinel at Microsoft Corp. The integration of Microsoft Sentinel with the Senserva's award-winning Cloud Management Solutions allows us to work together to enhance customers' security posture with less complexity."


"Automation is critical to providing a top tier service to our customers. Senserva have proved to be the ideal partner for CWSI as they understand the Microsoft dataset and are instrumental in our ability to deliver quality data and automation to our customers."

Mark Mitchell , CTO CWSI

BraveNorth Technology

"Brave North Technology approached Senerva to enhance security protocols and solutions for our managed service clients. From day one, we have been impressed with the dedication to a true partnership and the depth of experience and knowledge of the Senserva team. The innovative solutions and ability to leverage Microsoft tools is impressive and cutting-edge. The significant value provided for our clients is huge and the flexibility provided by Senserva sets them far above other partners."

Joel Barker, President & CEO of Brave North Technology


"The deep insights into user and application entitlements  and behaviors provided by Senserva are crucial to applying zero and adaptive trust principles, permitting SecureSky to proactively protect our client’s cloud infrastructures and enabling our adaptive responses automation to defend against modern attacks."

Michael Hrabik, CEO


"The Senserva team is great to work with, they are responsive and could find any data in Azure we needed. It’s amazing really."

John McCann, CEO, UK based Satisnet, A Gamma Company


"…Senserva provides a great amount of innovation in the Microsoft security world … The Senserva team was great to work with, responsive and focused on meeting our needs.

Rich Lilly, Partner, Director of Security at Netrix LLC.
Senserva's Microsoft MISA Award Nominations!

"I am thrilled to announce the finalists for the 5th annual Microsoft Security Excellence Awards 2024, presented by the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA). These awards honor MISA members from a global field of industry leaders that demonstrated innovation and success across the security landscape during the past 12 months." Maria Thomson, Director Microsoft Intelligent Security Association.

Security ISV of the Year Nomination

MISA Awards
The Senserva team is very excited to be nominated by Microsoft as the Security ISV of the Year! The nomination comes as result of the impact of our work with Microsoft security products like Microsoft Sentinel and Defender, our partners and customers to create new ways to automate security. The award means a lot to our founder Mark Shavlik who has worked for Microsoft as an employee and as a dedicated partner for many years. Press Release

Endpoint Management Trailblazer

MISA Awards
Senserva creates data and AI-driven security automation. We find, analyze and report on an extensive amount critical security configuration across the enterprise. By doing this we ensure our partners can keep their customers’ security products running the right products and in compliance with the customer needs, without this no security is possible.
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