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Senserva is a serverless cloud security platform designed to help keep your data and your cloud environment secure. Founded by industry leading security and tech veteran Mark Shavlik, Senserva's focus on Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) helps companies eliminate threats and prevent harmful attacks.

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The Senserva application delivers user security and compliance scoring by scanning Azure infrastructure for misconfigured accounts. Senserva digs deep into data within your environment to rank-order all users in a Microsoft 365 or Azure tenant by Security Risk and runs that data against compliance controls.

Making your cloud security better.

Senserva offers cloud control by providing cloud security intelligence through our patent pending platform. Senserva is fully scalable and created to work with your existing environment to provide additional visibility and control to improve your security posture.

Works with your current infrastructure.

Senserva takes the security solutions provided by your cloud provider and works to improve them. Our solution delivers low-management, ease of use, and cost-effective results by its very nature.

Keep your data in your environment.

Senserva runs entirely inside the client's subscriptions and tenants. We keep all of your personally identifiable information in your cloud environment, adding an extra layer of comfort to your security.

How does Senserva Enterprise Work?

Get Real-Time Analysis, Deep and Wide.
Graded with a Security Score.

The Senserva User Review helps with the principle of least privileged access to go deeper into your data look for misconfigured accounts or possible shadow administrator accounts. Our proprietary weighted scoring evaluates assigned user roles against risk factors to deliver a security weight on each account. Our Compliance Scoring takes your user data and runs it against compliance controls to give you a clear picture of areas of non-compliance to help improve your overall security posture.

Designed to Work with Major Cloud Providers.

Senserva builds on the security solutions provided by each cloud vendor and works to improve them.

Microsoft 365 Azure
Amazon Google Cloud

Senserva fully runs on and supports Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365. Our products and our solutions roadmap are designed to work with all major cloud vendors.

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