About Senserva
"With Senserva what would previously take a security engineer about 40 hours to manually audit can now be done at the click of a button freeing up more time for investigations"
Senserva is an ISV member of the exclusive Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA). Senserva was founded by the long-time industry leader and Microsoft Security-focused individual, Mark Shavlik, and TJ Dolan. Senserva provides custom security automation for the Microsoft platform. Our holistic development process, which is MSSP focused, addresses key elements needed to create comprehensive automation solutions, whether deployed on-premise or in the cloud. We work with our partners to focus on specific needs, leveraging signals and data from Microsoft’s advanced AI and security products to create unified, easy-to-use, priority-based next steps specific to an organization. Senserva’s mission is to ensure that Microsoft Security products combine to give actionable answers to the question: “What Needs your Immediate Attention?
Senserva simplifies the complex process of automating the collection and reporting configuration state across tenants for Microsoft Intune, Microsoft Sentinel, Microsoft Defenders, Entra ID and more. Ensuring the Microsoft ecosystems' end-points, servers and Cloud services comply with standards and policies, and a minimal effort is required from customers.
Recognizing that improper configuration significantly increases vulnerability to cyberattacks, our user-friendly approach and deep technical expertise uniquely position us as a key vendor capable of both enhancing and securing endpoints, servers and cloud services within the Microsoft ecosystem.
Our solutions are designed to fortify security with utmost efficiency, providing unparalleled support in maintaining a robust defense against threats, thereby distinguishing us in the realm of endpoint security and Microsoft ecosystem protection.
TJ has spent a number of years focused on API based coding around all the Microsoft Cloud APIs. He is a unique skill set in this area, he and his team can find just about any data customers ask for. Take a look at TJ's work with the Microsoft Sentinel Team in this detailed overview.'
"The Senserva team is great to work with, they are responsive and could find any data in Azure we needed. It’s amazing really."John McCann, CEO, UK based Satisnet, A Gamma Company
Please call us +1 651-448-7473, or email us at to learn more.
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