Senserva Supports
Microsoft Security Copilot
Microsoft Security Copilot
The keys to Microsoft Security Copilot are properly installing & maintaining the Microsoft Security Products that use it and great Prompts. Senserva's mission is to help you with both from Day One so you always know what Needs your Immediate Attention.
Senserva and AI allows for a paradigm shift helping you continuously assess and improve posture with hyperscale real-time visibility and context.
Once Senserva helps you get things setup, we work with you to create new prompts and manage existing prompts. Helping you Simplify the Complex with natural language prompts and Senserva's automation, enabling responses in minutes, not hours.
Copilot is embedded in Microsoft Intune, Microsoft Entra and Microsoft Sentinel which ties perfectly into Senserva which supports all three. Improving the productivity and collaboration of your teams with streamlined natural language workflows and automation. Coordinating defenses across all threat vectors to deliver end-to-end visibility, coverage and managment.
Microsoft Copilot for Security is an AI-powered security solution enabling security professionals to respond to threats quickly and assess risk exposure in minutes. Copilot for Security combines an advanced Large Language Model (LLM) with a security-specific focus that is informed by Microsoft's global threat intelligence and more than 65 trillion daily signals. Senserva provides security automation for Microsoft security products.
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