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Microsoft Team Members, Senserva and our Partners Can Help your Customers with any Security Issues
"Members of MISA, like Senserva, offer solutions that extend Microsoft security to quickly identify and remediate security incidents before they cause business impact, said Eric Burkholder, PM, Technology Partnerships, Azure Sentinel at Microsoft Corp. The integration of Microsoft Sentinel with the Senserva's award-winning Cloud Management Solutions allows us to work together to enhance customers' security posture with less complexity."
Senserva, founded by long time Microsoft employee and key partner Mark Shavlik, is a company that bridges the gap between Microsoft customers, partners, and security products. We are focused on working with customers and partners to create a more secure environment by automating what the customer already has or can easily obtain. Senserva has a proven history of working with Microsoft and their partners to enable customer success, driven by a deep understanding of the technology and business needs of each customer.
We help Microsoft, MSSP’s and direct customers increase efficiency by quickly identifying misconfiguration vulnerabilities and gaps in the Microsoft ecosystem through our advanced automation platform. We continue to further enhance Microsoft solutions by continuous collaboration with Microsoft, MISA partners and customers. When Microsoft introduces a customer, we begin with a comprehensive overview to understand their challenges. Next, we collaborate with the most suitable partner to tailor a solution that perfectly suits the customer. After defining the solution, we proceed with implementation and provide ongoing support as required. This partnership ensures that customers receive personalized and effective solutions, backed by continuous support for their success.
Our partnership with Microsoft provides unparalleled value to our customers. Together we have been instrumental in co-creating cutting-edge security solutions, harnessing the power of Microsoft technologies including but not limited to Microsoft Sentinel, Microsoft Defenders and Microsoft Intune. This dynamic synergy not only enhances our capabilities but also guarantees our customers receive tailored, forward-thinking security solutions that seamlessly adapt to their ever-evolving needs.
Senserva starts with a high-level scoping exercise when Microsoft makes a customer introduction. From there we bring in the right partner to define the solution with the customer, and then implementation and going support follows as needed.
Senserva helps if someone is new to Microsoft security products, or if they are advanced users. Please call us at +1 651-448-7473, or email us at and we can get started.
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