Cloud Security is Complex. Senserva Makes it Simple.

Senserva Azure Security Enhancements for Microsoft Sentinel

The Senserva Prologue Bot simplifies the management of Azure security risks before they become problems by continually producing priority-based risk assessments and sending them to the Log Analytic Workspace for use with Microsoft Sentinel.  Senserva information includes a detailed security ranking for all the Azure objects Senserva manages, enabling customers to perform optimal discovery and remediation by fixing the most critical issues with the highest impact items first. All Senserva’s enriched information ready to go with Microsoft Sentinel for processing by Queries, Workbooks, Jupyter Notebooks and Playbooks.  The Senserva Bot is installed in your tenant and your data stays in your tenant, it does not get pulled back to Senserva.

Senserva’s patent pending technology automates the process of collecting, enriching, classifying, and correlating deep insights from multiple exposure factors in cloud security data. The platform identifies and recommends optimal risk-based remediation to enable fixing the highest impact objects first.  Senserva provides continuous cloud security, enabling rapid detection and remediation of risks, vulnerabilities, and adherence to compliance helping you know of problems before they occur.

Senserva also provides the fully open source PyServa tool kit, to make working with Sentinel easier, including Notebooks.

“No one does what Senserva Does” – Senserva Customer

“Senserva Makes getting difficult to get data easy to get” – Senserva Partner

“Senserva lowers my costs because of the rich, timely security information it continually provides” –  SOC Manager

The Senserva Bot is available via a Senserva approved integration and security services Partner. Please start by contacting us for detailed product information, demos, trials, or a partner introduction if you are ready to go.  Installation is automated and easy, taking just 30 minutes.  All partners are both Senserva and Microsoft approved with deep Azure and Senserva security knowledge, ready to help you from day 1.

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