Senserva Portal

We are excited to announce Beta 2. Our initial features are focused on a quick security self survey (a good one) that builds a Gantt chart for you as well as exports to Excel and PDF files. Its our first step, one of many more with a frequence release cadence. Please give it a try!

CLICK Here for Beta2!

The Current Senserva User Interface is Microsoft Sentinel, we provide extensive analytics to Microsoft Sentinel and use KQL, Notebooks and Workbooks to review it. But Folks are asking us to add our own UI to complement what we do with Microsoft Sentinel and we are about to unveil it.

The deep insights into user identity and behaviors provided by Senserva are key to applying zero and adaptive trust principles, permitting SecureSky to discern user and entitlement risk automatically and modify responses accordingly. Michael Hrabik, CEO


Screen Shot, Starting to build Gantt Chart for Security Plans
Generated PDF