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Introducing Senserva's Open-Source-Toolkit

Senserva's open-source Azure security toolkit

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Introducing Senserva, From our Guest And Microsoft Sentinel expert Cameron Fuller

Who is Senserva from Guest Cameron Fuller

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Senserva and Intune

Microsoft Intune is the endpoint management solution based in the Microsoft Azure cloud. Devices managed by Intune allow an admin team to enforce policy and compliance best practices across their network.

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Senserva and Azure Active Directory Applications

Azure has a strong foundation that is built on Applications in Active Directory. Much of the functionality that is commonly seen and used in Microsoft's environment, such as Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Graph, and many more.

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Senserva and Microsoft Conditional Access

Conditional Access is widespread adopted and common in use. When properly applied, the security controls this feature provides to your cloud are invaluable. The trouble comes when organizations become large and keeping a proper handle on how rules are applied becomes an onerous task

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Senserva Portal

We are excited to announce Beta 1. Our initial features are focused on a quick security self survey (a good one) that builds a Gantt chart for you as well as exports to Excel and PDF files. Its our first step, one of many more with a frequence release cadence.

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Senserva 5 Step Process

Senserva provides an easy process to evaluate security products outside of your production environment.

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Schedule a Demo

See first-hand how Senserva's automation delivers prioritized analytics and insights to fortify your security state. See for Yourself! Fill out the form to schedule a 30-minute demo with one of our experts

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Visualize User and App Access Connections in Azure | Cross post from Microsoft Sentinel Blog

One of the key tenets for Azure security is the user account ... A user account can be a member of a group, have Active Directory roles assigned to them...

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The Senserva Blog is focused on Azure and Microsoft security as well as computer security in general. Including Microsoft Sentinel and the Microsoft Defenders.

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