"…Senserva provides a great amount of innovation in the Microsoft security world …", said Rich Lilly, Partner, Director of Security at Netrix LLC. "The Senserva team was great to work with, responsive and focused on meeting our needs."

Senserva provides services to help automate and review your current security state.

The rapid adoption of cloud services, greatly accelerated by the recent pandemic, has created substantial risk management concerns for many organizations. In addition to inadequate protections from risk, the majority of organization do not have appropriate monitoring in place to detect and respond to threats arising in or from cloud services.

All Senserva solutions are built starting with our award-winning technology and team.  Advanced security consulting is provided by partners who are experts on both security consulting and our solutions.  Support includes Microsoft Sentinel, Microsoft Defenders, Azure Active Directory and much more, please contact us for more information.

We know you are busy. We only ask 15 minutes a week from you after an initial consultation to iterate on your solution. An industry first.
Custom Solutions Built on our Technologies

Senserva creates custom solutions built on our technology and integrated into customers current management processes. Senserva starts by learning the processes you want to automate. We then create a proposed solution and review it with you. Next we iterate over a solution until you are satisfied.

Free 2 Hour Security Review

Senserva works closely with you to set up and use our technology, as well as the security tools needed by your team to provide full security. This may include tools like Microsoft Defender(s) and Sentinel for example. Our technology continuously runs in your Azure cloud tenant for 4-7 days. Senserva then meets for 2 hours with stakeholders from your organization to review key findings and provide recommendations. Quickly helping gain actionable insights into your security.

Creating Test Tenants in our 5 Step Process

Senserva teams with you to build custom Azure Cloud Tenants to streamline the process for product evaluations and testing. These custom tenants can be made to very closely model your existing configurations to enable a great way to work with your security in a non-production environment.

KQL Query Creation

Senserva works with you create custom KQL queries, on our data or any data.

Security Services with a Senserva Partner

Senserva teams up with our best-in-class partners, who are experts in our technology, to deliver a full-service solution to our customers. Services can range from a 2-hour complimentary security review to a large-scale project

"The deep insights into user identity and behaviors provided by Senserva are key to applying zero and adaptive trust principles, permitting SecureSky to discern user and entitlement risk automatically and modify responses accordingly". Michael Hrabik, CEO

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