Product Integrations

Senserva is easy to integrate with existing products and solutions.

Product Integrations

Senserva works in collaboration with our partners to provide a key data integration into threat platforms including SIEMs, XDRs, and MDRs.  Providing deep and proactive insights into user identity and behavior, how PCs are managed (via Intune) and other Azure Services such as storage and all the aspects of Azure Active Directory.  

Our cloud native engine automates security rules associated with Azure Active Directory, Intune and other Azure Services.  By monitoring and aggregating intricate security data to help you differentiate your threat platform to deliver on zero and adaptive trust principles.  This automation within your threat platform accelerates the protection of your client’s Azure environment against highly sophisticated and in many cases, undetectable attacks.

We continually strive to save your clients’ time and cost by being more efficient. Senserva’s sorts through volumes of non-relevant data providing automated analytics, insights, and enriched correlation for prioritized alerting and remediation in threat platforms.

Our data integrations are seamless, and are created without any heavy lifting from our partners. Together, we bring clients the greatest range of scalable, tailored solutions to fortify their business ecosystems.