Microsoft Sentinel Users:

Find the needle in a haystack.

Working with Sentinel you do it every day, auditing, hunting, responding to incidents. As a Microsoft MISA partner, the Senserva team and our partners, along with the Senserva Bot and PyServa, work side by side with you to build the best solutions possible on the Microsoft Sentinel platform. Helping you find all those needles in all your haystacks, simplifying the complex.

IT’S A TALL ORDER. Your team needs to know all the latest security risks, while understanding how security works at the most detailed level. Knowing which users belong, and those who don’t, and what they can access and what has been accessed. Coding KQL, Python and Jupyter Notebooks, finding and calling REST APIs, reading JSON data dumps to find threats. It never ends. Fortunately, Senserva has your back.

  • STAY ONE STEP AHEAD AND LOWER COSTS – Use the automated Senserva Bot to continuously monitor and detect priority-based risks to eliminate threats before they happen. The Bot Sends a continuous stream of high value, easy to use analytics to Sentinel, complementing and building on what Microsoft already provides. Senserva also has a rich open source tool kit for easy integration and extensions within Sentinel including in depth examples such as for Azure Active Directory Application Security to help you quickly create your own solutions. All leading to improved security and lower costs.
  • LEVERAGE WHAT YOU ALREADY HAVE – From people new to Sentinel to advanced Sentinel users, Senserva seamlessly integrates and enhances your Microsoft focused security solutions. Senserva and our partners are with you every step of the way.

How it works:

Cover all your bases:

The Senserva Bot monitors all the essentials that impact your cloud security. As the adage goes, when all users are authentic and authorized, you know who has access, and what has been accessed.  The Senserva Bot is installed in your tenants, and information stays in your tenant.

  • AUTHENTICATION – Makes sure everyone in your environment is who they say they are. Makes sure credentials are valid and up to dates, including MFA password policies, login locations, and more.
  • AUTHORIZATION – Know precisely who is authorized to access specific areas of your environment, namely the resources and roles your users are allowed access. This includes managing roles and permissions.
  • ACCESS – What resources and roles do your users have access? Senserva shows you who has access to what, how and where they access it. And, if they shouldn’t.
  • ACCESSED – Easily audit the history of security related activities of users and applications.
  • REMEDIATION – Take corrective action and alert on major risks to keep your cloud secure.

Automated, Actionable:

Deep, detailed insights into your entire user base.

Senserva automates complex security tasks associated with Azure security, by monitoring and aggregating complex security data, making it easier to create a zero trust environment:

  • MAKE SENSE OF THE NOISE – quell alert fatigue by accurately classifying millions of data events into simple, actionable data, helping you prioritize highest impact risks.  Automatically build enriched data, find difficult to get data, integrate critical data.
  • PINPOINT THREATS INSTANTLY – Prioritize issues confidently – know instantly which threats demand attention.
  • MONITORS CONTINUOUSLY – the Senserva Bot is always learning, correlating, enriching and recommending, offering rapid risk detection and remediation, to keep you in compliance.

Who is Senserva?:

Senserva is a well-funded Microsoft MISA partner, founded in 2019, focused product company providing an automated Azure Security Bot that streams analytics to Microsoft Sentinel, including Notebooks. Senserva provides up to the minute analyses based on its extensive data gathering, scoring and correlation engine. The bot’s analytics are designed to help with Sentinel Queries, Alerts, Incident Response, Threat Hunting, SOC management and continual security auditing in general. Senserva uses Azure Notebooks for data viewing, providing an opensource Notebooks library called PyServawhich helps Sentinel Notebook users quickly create innovative views. PyServa is built with, and extends, Microsoft’s MsticPy library, as well as leveraging data from Microsoft’s UEBA tables. Senserva works closely with select Microsoft Sentinel MSSP, SOC managers and security consulting partners to help optimize their practices and use of Microsoft Sentinel. Senserva currently has Notebooks for Azure Active Directory security management and is adding support for Azure storage, Office 365 and the Microsoft Defender products. PyServa In Action is a great way to understand Sentinel Notebooks.