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Thijs is a Micorosft MVP & consultant located in Belgium. During his day job, he focuses on Security, Endpoint Management and Automation. At night, he is (Batman) a blogger, public speaker and Technical Editor for the 'Microsoft 365 Security for the IT Pro' eBook.

Introducing the Applications Simulator engine

By |2022-03-06T19:25:55+00:00March 6, 2022|Categories: Azure Active Directory, Azure Aplications, Azure Applications Security, Azure Security, Azure Sentinel, Azure User Security, Cloud Security, Guest, Microsoft Sentinel, Misconfiguration, Security, Senserva, shavlik|Tags: , , , , |

Introduction Senserva is excited to announce the newest release of the Senserva engine which includes the ‘Applications Simulator’. The Applications Simulator focuses on all aspects of applications (app registrations) in [...]

Introducing Senserva’s open-source toolkit

By |2022-03-06T19:32:30+00:00December 15, 2021|Categories: Azure Active Directory, Microsoft Sentinel, Microsoft Sentinel Notebooks, PyServa, Security, Senserva, SenservaPro|Tags: , , , , , , |

With great pleasure, we would like to introduce the open-source version of Senserva's Azure Active Directory toolkit to help you secure your environment built on top of Microsoft Sentinel. Senserva [...]

Monitoring Conditional Access. It’s harder than you think.

By |2022-03-06T19:27:49+00:00August 19, 2021|Categories: Azure Active Directory, Azure Conditional Access, Azure Identity Protection, Azure Security, Azure Sentinel, Azure User Security, Cloud Security, Microsoft Sentinel, Security, Senserva, shavlik|

This blog is written by Jan Bakker. When organizations have implemented Azure Active Directory Conditional Access, the real game is on. How to make sure that you stay in control [...]

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