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Mark Shavlik, Security Product Creator; created HfNetChk and HFNetChkPro (security management), Microsoft Baseline Security Advisor (MBSA), Azure & Microsoft Sentinel Add-ons, working on Senserva now.

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Limiting the Scope of Application Permissions

Limiting the Scope of Application Permissions is critical to security

Azure Active Directory 4 min read Public

Introducing Senserva's Open-Source-Toolkit

Senserva's open-source Azure security toolkit

Azure Active Directory 3 min read Public

Introducing Senserva, From our Guest And Microsoft Sentinel expert Cameron Fuller

Who is Senserva from Guest Cameron Fuller

Senserva 3 min read Public

Sending email through the Graph API securely (application permission scoping)

While interacting with Exchange Online through the Microsoft Graph API is rather easy, it’s really important to understand the scope of the permissions you are assigning.

Azure Active Directory 4 min read Public

6 (+1) biggest password mistakes, says security expert John Shier

its key to be focused on your passwords, all of them.

passwords 1 min read Public

Senserva Portal

The Current Senserva User Interface is Microsoft Sentinel, we provide extensive analytics to Microsoft Sentinel and use KQL, Notebooks and Workbooks to review it. But Folks are asking us to add our own UI to complement what we do with Microsoft Sentinel and we are about to unveil it. The

Microsoft Sentinel 1 min read Public

Senserva 5 Step Process

Senserva provides an easy process to evaluate security products outside of your production environment.

Senserva 1 min read Public

Schedule a Demo

See first-hand how Senserva's automation delivers prioritized analytics and insights to fortify your security state. See for Yourself! Fill out the form to schedule a 30-minute demo with one of our experts

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The Senserva Blog is focused on Azure and Microsoft security as well as computer security in general. Including Microsoft Sentinel and the Microsoft Defenders.

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Why Senserva

Automated, Continual Audit, to Your Exact Needs. Innovative Protection for the Long Term.

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