The Senserva Story

Senserva was created in 2019 to build and support Azure Cloud Security Management solutions, with a focus on working with Microsoft as a dedicated Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA) partner. CEO Mark Shavlik and the Senserva founding team understood that organizations are always seeking to improve their Cloud Security as there is much to learn and things are changing fast.  All while existing non-Cloud systems still needed to be secured.

The Senserva team is working to help remove the complexity of Cloud Security while at the same time addressing its most complex issues.  Starting with user and user access, the core of Cloud Security, and going beyond to all elements of Cloud Security Mark and the Senserva team see an opportunity to create easy to use but internally complex solutions.  Solutions that do a deep dive into Cloud Security to provide a continual stream of easy to understand analytics.

Senserva is also focused on complementing what Microsoft and its partners are doing and building on the idea that “Cloud Security is Complex. Senserva Makes it Simple.”  By complementing Microsoft’s Cloud security solutions, and those of its partners, Senserva customers build on their existing investments instead of adding yet another security product to the mix.

Mark Shavlik

Founder & CEO

Mark has an extensive history of technical and business leadership. He has helped countless organizations keep their data secure through his technology, as well as his ability to work together to build solutions that provide value. Having started at Microsoft as one of the original developers of Windows NT, Mark went on to be the CEO of Shavlik Technologies. Mark grew Shavlik into one of the most trusted and respected names in IT security, where his technology still secures over half of the Windows Servers around the world. After selling Shavlik Technologies to VMware Mark served there as Vice President and General Manager before founding Senserva.

The Senserva Bot is available via a Senserva approved integration and security services Partner. Please start by contacting us for detailed product information, demos, trials, or a partner introduction if you are ready to go.  Installation is automated and easy, taking just 30 minutes.  All partners are both Senserva and Microsoft approved with deep Azure and Senserva security knowledge, ready to help you from day 1.

We look forward to hearing from you!