Joining the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA), is the next big step in my long history of working directly with Microsoft to solve many end-user security challenges.

“Senserva is delighted that it was invited to join the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA),” says Mark Shavlik, Senserva CEO.  “This is a win-win situation of bringing together members of the community and peers to enhance our customers’ protection against the expanding attack surface.”

“Members of MISA, like Senserva, offer solutions that extend Microsoft security to quickly identify and remediate security incidents before they cause business impact,” said Eric Burkholder, PM, Technology Partnerships, Azure Sentinel at Microsoft Corp. “The integration of Microsoft Sentinel with the Senserva’s award-winning Cloud Management Solutions allows us to work together to enhance customers’ security posture with less complexity.”

Its been a long history of working with and for Microsoft, and  now in the post patch server less world there is more to be done than ever with Microsoft — looking forward to it!

Working closely with Microsoft on Azure security automation is part of a long term relationship with many successes.  As some may know I joined Microsoft just before the initial IPO, my resume landed there when the Microsoft offices where next to BurgerMaster, back then it was a small office in part of a small office complex.  The current campus was just a woods called Sherwood forest of all things, an area close to where I lived where a new road had just been cut. “When the big announcement of Microsoft moving to ‘Sherwood Forest’ way out in Redmond was released, people were concerned about how far away and remote work would be…”

Now, a few years later Microsoft and I are still working together, from the pre-Windows days to the post server management world of the Cloud. Its been a good journey, one that is just getting started for me, and I expect Microsoft as well.  From working for Microsoft as an employee, then working with Microsoft to create the current Microsoft patching platform , to the coding of the Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer (also being removed just recently, its about 20 years old but used by millions) To my work with SCCM: Using Shavlik Patch with Configuration Manager 2012 R2 – Part 1 : Introduction | SCCM GURU (

Then there HFNETCHK was the best of all, helpful at the start of the security industry as we know it Code Red. Used to secure millions of computers and lives on to this day.  HFNetChk, Microsoft teamed with security software developer Shavlik Technologies LLC in St. Paul, Minn., to build the HFNetChk and Microsoft Personal Security Advisor tools. The latter product is aimed at small businesses and home users, but HFNetChk was developed for use on corporate network.

These were the brand new buildings of Microsoft when I joined Microsoft:

  This is them ending recently:


Its been a long history, and  now in the post patch server less world there is more to be done than ever with Microsoft — looking forward to it!

Just like this:

Or this Campus-Arial-Rendering

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