This week, we are releasing SenservaPro Release v2.0.18 to General Availability. We have a new update and some fixes in this release. Below is a breakdown:


Azure CIS 1.3.0

We’ve updated our Compliance scan to conform to the Azure CIS IAM 1.3.0 benchmark standard.


Scanning with Guest Account

We now handle for the case that a Guest to the tenant is the scanning user.


Microsoft Secure Score

There were cases found where not all the items from the Microsoft Secure Score benchmark standard were scanned against. We now handle for this in the Compliance Scan.


Control Details

The language in some Controls have been updated per our experts. This is to reflect a more accurate recommendation for remediation action.



We hope that SenservaPro Release v2.0.18 is a useful tool on your security journey.

As always, questions and feedback can be sent to [email protected]