From Cheng on our Development Team:


Senserva’s lifeblood comes from the business we keep by building long-lasting relationships with happy, loyal, and engaged customers. We seek to keep our partners “in the know” with the latest developments in the Cloud Security space. Unfortunately, security score analysis management isn’t a “set it and forget it” concept.  New incidents, such as the SolarWinds breach, are always happening. Thus, new recommendations and techniques are developed and need to be integrated to protect the customer’s data.

Computer security is important for companies to constantly analyze. The health of their IT security model is vital for their IT system and ultimately, their bottom line. Senserva and its patented technology through SenservaPro helps to ease the time and cost for companies. We aim to bring a manual audit process that would take days to complete into an automated scan that takes minutes. This scanner gives our customers not just collected data, but also scored information, reference documents, and remediation steps to follow. Senserva software service makes sure it is leveraging its security score subscription-based model to its full security control potential.
Another challenge with security software is making sure to keep it updated. With our deployment model through Microsoft 365 Lighthouse, the task of software updates is taken off our customers’ plate as well. When our team here has certified a new release, we push the update into the Lighthouse pipeline and the update is automatically applied to our customers’ tenants. The days of comparing patch versions are gone with Lighthouse.
Can you imagine running your recurring revenue business without proper security control in place? Azure is huge and misconfigurations can slip in without notice. We have yet to come across a customer who did not learn or was made aware of some account or configuration when running our scans. Senserva knows, your IT cloud security is the lifeline between you and your customers, prospects, and future. By integrating the client’s AZURE IT system with Senserva applications, our clients can now tap to vast unknown process resources and provide greater security improvement suggestions.