From Ali in our Automated Testing Department:


Hi All. I just joined the Senserva Test Team and one of my first tasks with to build out four bare servers from scratch for automated testing as part of our Agile Development process.  Setting up a bare server can be quite a task for someone like me who had never done it before  and I thought it would be good to share what I learned overall with the next person who many need to do this for the first time as well.


When I setup a virtual machines on the server I saw the real power of a server up close. Starting, stopping and saving full Windows images was great to learn about.   I also had to deal with the different types of updates and BIOS settings, OS settings, virtualization settings, User settings and security all of which was very interesting to learn and do.


The server will keep on working if there is any sort of damage in other devices because the whole server system has redundancies starting with dual input powers supplies to assure is not disrupted.   This was very different from laptops I have used. The server also has endless amounts of storage space, RAM and performance as compared to a laptop I learned.


I  also setup an internal firewall which I now realize is one of the most important aspects of running a group of servers. Configuring firewall services and testing the configuration is quite important, as is keep things current going forward.  The firewall is the first line of defense and helps protect privacy. Hence, the servers and the computers will be less vulnerable to viruses and attacks.  I also now realize that the Cloud also has many firewalls but we do not have to worry about them unless we want to do IP based configurations.


In short I just built a mini-Cloud, 4 physical servers, OS, Users, Security,  firewall, redundancies and services.  It was a great experience.  Of course the Cloud has 1000s of physical servers and we are isolated from them, but once I understood how physical servers, virtualization, firewalls and the low level software  and the OS worked I could much better understand how the Cloud works since this is what its built on.


One of my next steps is to setup Containers to do rapid automated testing and I expect my mini-Cloud to become that much more powerful.  I will blog on that when I get going and I have a minute.



– Ali