Nissan disclosed this week on their source code being insufficiently secured on Github. As a result, their apps, websites, and car software are all at risk. They can recover from this, however, it will take time to re-secure their systems. This reinforces the idea that security is the responsibility of everyone. It’s no longer good enough to tighten down physical access to your building. To crystallize this point, over the last year a huge share of the workforce is at home but the rate of security breaches climbing.


A company, no matter the size, needs to have some security baselines in place. This ranges from MFA for IT admins, keeping software up with the latest security incidents, and strong account/password rules. We see time and again that the most common vector for a security breach is through a misconfiguration. New-hires & company CEOs alike all need to be aware of how to secure themselves. This will keep the company safe as a whole. Security is everyone’s responsibility. It’s never been more apparent.